All Brands contain the main active ingredient of Botulism Toxin Type A. The standard price for all toxins is $13 a unit.

Botox: The “OG” or original. Has been approved by the FDA for many medical uses. Botox, has been used regularly by practitioners for over two decades.

Jeuveau: “Newtox” formulated with “Hi-Pure” technology a different type of purification and drying process.

Xeomin: “Nakedtox” is known for not containing any added proteins. The thought is that possible resistance to toxins may be caused by added proteins the products contain. Without the added proteins, individuals may be less likely to develop resistance with this product.

We provide treatment for:

The number of units below is the number of units for females, males tend to have stronger muscles and require more toxin units per treatment site.

Forehead lines (6-20 units)

Angry lines aka 11’s or Glabella (20-30 units)

Brow lift (2-5 units) bilaterally

Crows Feet (6-15 units) bilaterally

Bunny Lines (2-10 units)bilaterally

Lip Flip (4-8 units)

DAO pull to help prevent or lessen jowls (2-4 units) Bilaterally

Pebble Chin (2-6 units)

Platysma Bands (25-50 units) for a Nefertiti Lift

Other Treatments:

Clothing Saver: Hyperhidrosis for underarms treatment provides relief from overactive sweat glands and is FDA approved.

Relief from sweating may take 1-2 weeks for partial effect and 3-4 weeks for full effect after the first treatment. The more consistent you are with your treatments, the longer your results will last.

Results can last for up to 6 months, sometimes longer.

Trap Tox: For Stress Relief to effectively reduce pain and tension in the neck and shoulders. From an aesthetic standpoint this form of treatment can create an elongated neck and leaner-looking shoulders.